Location, accessibility, and pricing are key considerations when planning any event. Whether you plan to host a small gathering or a large function, opting for a Vaughan conference center as your location is a great first step. You can present many different types of events at this type of facility, thanks to the thoughtful layout and structure designed to support crowds.

Conference centers were a major part of integrating digital and in-person event features so that participants can attend safely. Whether you’re planning an anniversary party or a charity gala, there are many different event options. Let’s dive right in and find the right fit.

Social Events at the Conference Center in Vaughan

Your local Vaughan conference center gives you all the space and amenities you need to comfortably host a social event. There’s enough space to follow public health guidelines and still host the desired amount of people. From small-scale luncheons to themed holidays, there are many social events, including:

  1. Holiday parties: Hosting a themed party is an excellent way to meet with friends, family, and colleagues to celebrate. Convention center design supports decorations, allows enough room for catering, and can even help raise awareness for the event.
  2. College or High School Reunions: This is a classic type of party that benefits largely from a convention center. Reunions involve hungry, dancing crowds that rely on the center’s space and amenities. This venue lets you host reunions from the room to support a DJ to catering accommodations.
  3. Weddings and Anniversaries: Whether you opt to rent out the whole convention center or just a certain area, you can do everything from decorating to cutting the cake in one location. It’s in a central place with ample parking and is designed to offer a good flow throughout the floorplan for organizing setup and teardown.

Corporate Events Conference Center in Vaughan

This event type brings a lot of business to conference centers, with tons of options available. It keeps things professional and offers access to requisite technology, seating, and space. Among the choices are:

  1. Conferences: It’s such a perfectly-fitting event that it’s the namesake of a conference center. This type of event involves multiple speakers and the chance to confer among peers and others in your field. Used as a networking and professional development tool, conferences play an important role in the corporate world. The different rooms and general layout of a conference center support this event well.
  2. Seminars: Usually a type of focused learning, a seminar has a target audience and a specific set of information to teach. There will either be a single speaker who addresses subtopics or more than one speaker giving individual perspectives on various topics. You can host a seminar easily at a conference center, especially since it supports in-person, virtual, or hybrid seminar models.
  3. Trade shows: An event to display products, brands, and experiences. This is an interactive event. Usually targeted towards a specific market, trade shows require ample space. Vendors feature their wares and interact with attendees. These events serve to generate leads and network. Conference centers give the space necessary to host these events.

Non-Profit Events at the Vaughan Conference Center

From silent auctions to speakers and musical acts, you can host a whole array of nonprofit events at a conference center. It’s accessible to everyone, has ample amenities, and offers enough space to host crowds safely. Some popular options include:

  1. Auctions: This type of event involves donors giving items and bidders competing to purchase them. The proceeds usually go to charity. Some are silent auctions, while others involve a live-action auctioneer driving the event. These events work well in conference centers since there is room for vendors, space to display the items, and enough space to accommodate a crowd.
  2. Sponsored events: A sponsor, or series of them, can chip in to rent out an entire conference center or a section. These events could be anything from music to pop-up stores to formal dinners or dances. Participants use the event to drive brand awareness and grow sales. Often, a portion of the proceeds goes to a charitable cause related to the event topic.
  3. Fundraising dinners: Supporting the needs of catering staff, you can host a fundraising meal at a conference center easily. With preset menus, attendees purchase the table and eat the catered meal. There is usually a form of entertainment such as music, comedic performers, or a speaker. The proceeds of the event go towards a nonprofit cause.

Virtual Events at the Vaughan Conference Center

After 2020, many events decided to pivot to an online approach to hosting. It gave advantages of transcending distance and bringing groups together. Even with the reintroduction of in-person activities, you can host a virtual or hybrid event at a conference center:

  1. Performances: If you want to host a performance yet avoid the crowd, you can do the main setup at the conference center. It gives you access to the necessary technology and ample space to work. Attendees can attend virtually, or you can have some in-person participants and some virtual. The hybrid approach is especially popular when your audience is spread over a large area.
  2. Business conferences: Another way to host a conference is virtually or using the hybrid approach. There are two ways to do this digitally. Either the event attendees or the speakers can connect virtually. It prevents issues with travel restrictions and allows you to grow participation by removing geographical barriers.
  3. Training and upgrading: If you run a large corporation, you can blend the in-person and digital services of the conference center design. You can either connect to the training professional digitally or staff can tune into the training taking place at the conference center. Using the center’s amenities lets you avoid technical issues and achieve your business goals.

Final Notes

Now that you know some of the best ways to host events at the Vaughan Chateau Jardin Conference Center, you can get to planning. Whether you’re planning a corporate training seminar or want to host a big party, a conference center has everything you need in one place.

To learn more about the Chateau Jardin Conference Center and the events you can host, call us at 289-236-1903 or send us a message here. We can’t wait to help you curate the ideal event!